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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Wednesdays sure seem to come around fast! This week I am working on another WOTB block, this one for Dorcas. It's called Charity Wheel and I'm doing it as a combo of paper piecing and applique. I really enjoy these blocks, the blocks that Carol Honderich chose for each woman are so diverse and interesting (that means not simple) and I love putting together the colors to match the women as I see them.

The other project that has priority now is the child's quilt I am making for the
40 Quilts Service Project for the Quilt Studio webring. Beth sent me this great striped solar system fabric and I'm figuring and measuring and cutting. There will be four strips of this stripe across the width of the quilt with ninepatches on point between. There was also enough of this fabric to use it as backing. I'm getting ready to set up an assembly line to produce the ninepatches. I think this will make a very cute quilt for some child somewhere.

It is all of 46 degrees F out here today! I am spoiled by living in the Banana Belt of Colorado and not used to the kind of cold and snow we've been having lately. Some snow expected again this weekend, I hope it doesn't keep us from going to visit the family as it has now for 3 weeks. Mandy is celebrating her 16th birthday Saturday and has some new artwork she wants to show me.

If we don't get high speed internet soon, I'm going to go battier. With all the blogs I need to check on and the graphics I need to download and upload, this dial up is just wasting so much of my time. Joe thinks we don't need high speed but he doesn't use the internet the way I do. He did put in a big chunk (technical jargon) of new memory to speed up our computer but it doesn't do a thing for the dial up. "Lord, I need patience, but I want it right now!"


Deb Geyer said...

How neat, Fran. I love the photo of the notebook with your samples and notes. Notebooks and sketchbooks are so cool!

Thanks for all of your work on the kids' quilts. The kids are going to enjoy them!

Allison said...

Love your WIPS!
I would lobby hard for higher speed internet. We had dial up for out in the country we didn't have the option. But a guy in town actually set up a hi speed system using radio waves and an old AT&T tower (don't ask me to understand how), so now we have hi speed, and it SO improved the quality of our lives.
Do beans 3 times a week, but do it!

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I will be looking to see how your Charity Wheel block turns out. I had to click on your photo to see your notebook. I like the fabrics you have attached to the page. Are you going to use them for the Charity Wheel block?

I too have notebooks for quilting.

Kim said...

I need to keep a notebook! The blog, at least, captures some history.

Lobby hard for hi speed. I can't imagine being without - my patience would surely be tested.

Debra Spincic said...

Tell Joe dial up is so '90s! (kinda like 8 track tapes!!). Get DSL now!

I love the striped fabric--that is perfect for the quilt you are going to do.

Jeri said...

yes, yes, yes! You NEED hi-speed internet service.

Your notebook is so cool. I love notebooks, sketchbooks, and scrapbooks. My mom's quilting notebook is a treasure to me...

Meredith said...

I just started a note book last Nov. and it has helped me. As for hi-speed my husband got it when it first came out and it has been great to have. It close close to need (vs. want) for me.

Sande said...

Do we get to vote? You need high speed! I switched a year ago and would NEVER want to go back to dial-up.
And that solar system fabric is going to make a great kid's quilt! Don't forget to show us when it's done.