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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

WIP Wednesday part 2

Here is the second half of my Journal Quilt Challenge 2006 pages:

July_Hunting Fairies
September_ Granny's Flower Garden
October_ Aunt Edie's Apple Core
November_ From Granny to Rie
December_ Passing the Torch

I am so glad I took the plunge to join this challenge. I had never done anything like this, had only been making quilts for 4 years, and not many of them. I so admired the work of the Art Image Challenge and wanted to do something similar but had no self confidence at all about creating journal quilts. I had wanted to do some sort of quilt project about Granny's life and after seeing the fabric book that Debra made in the AIC , I knew I wanted to make a fabric book. This challenge gave me the ideal opportunity to put those two ideas together. (I'd like to leave a link to Debra's book but do not know if the AIC is still available online.)

I was forced to learn many new skills and techniques and don't know when I've done anything more satisfying with my creative urges. I look forward to learning and stretching and improving more this year through the 12x12 x12 Challenge. I'm even considering using some of the techniques I learned here into larger art quilts.

I realize now that while I was enthralled with quilting, I would not be happy just making traditional quilts from others patterns. I've always preferred change and learning. I prefer creation to maintenance. For proof, you would only have to look at my housekeeping, or lack thereof.


Quilting Kim said...

WOW - You do gorgeous work. I just loved looking at all of your pages. Thank you for sharing something so personal to you.

Susan C. said...

I love your book, Fran. Bet your granny would love it too. --Susan C.

Jeri said...

beautiful work, Fran. I think you do wonderful things with quilting.

Jane Ann said...

As always, Fran, lovely, lovely! Your thirst for new skills and techniques is admirable. I truly believe curiosity is the key to enjoying life..... So you must be having a ball!

Scrapmaker said...

What fun to see all your journal pages together! Such a meaningful tribute, as well as a growing experience for you. Bet Granny is smiling down with delight. Jen

Granny Fran said...

Debra gave me the link to the AI Challenge:

Allison said...

What an accomplishment for the must be so happy and proud.
I have to say I LOVED seeing the printed flower fabric in your "grandmother's flower garden" page. How perfect is that? Absolutely wonderful...and very inspiring!
Go, Fran!!!!!!!!!!

Teresa Suek said...

I also can't be happy making something from a pattern. I can do some mindless sewing, especially in times of stress, but give me a design challenge and I am happy. Your Quilt of Valor is beautiful!

mandy vansyoc said...

i love your work granny fran.
love you