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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

WIP Wednesday

My main WIP today is the January 12x12 project and don't want to post it until it's due later this week. Debra suggested that I show all the pages of my JQChallenge 2006 together before I assemble them into a book, so I decided this was what I'd show today.

My fabric book was designed as a tribute to my Granny who had such an impact on my life. She was a wife, mother, grandmother, quiltmaker, gardener, reader, and great cook who also compiled a family history of her pioneer ancestors. Except for the cooking, I was influenced by her in my love of reading, gardening, quiltmaking, and genealogy. She left her quilt patterns, sample blocks, and ephemera to me as I was the only family member who was interested, so I used much of this as inspiration and material for the pages of the book. I was also fortunate to fall heir to many vintage family photos, and using these photos to print onto fabric for this project has turned me onto photography as another source of material for my quilts.

I finished pages for 10 months of the year and felt that I had completed my original mission so I decided not to go back and make up the other 2 months. I finished both front and back of the pages and in some cases added additional pages to the main page. I'm going to show mainly the fronts in this post.

The months in order are: January_Lalia: Pieces of A Life
February_ Family Heritage
March_ One Flesh
April_ Sunshine & Shadow
May_ Bless My Kitchen

Can't upload the rest in this post. Stay tuned for the next post.


Diana said...

I love your journal and all the meaning behind it. How nice to have a family member who was that into quilting, you're very lucky. I love the red rickrack on the one and its cherry feeling.

Debra Spincic said...

Just a fabulous project!