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Friday, January 19, 2007

I Love Silk! must be a girl thing

Santa showed up on my doorstep this morning in the guise of a mail lady. She brought me a box of fabric scraps and pieces from Debra. Words
cannot express how scrumptious these fabrics are, many of them are silk. They are leftovers from when Debra's mom worked in a fabric store and Debra sewed her own clothes. These were sent to me to encourage me to go ahead and try making crazy quilt blocks, instead of just threatening to do it. With these gorgeous fabrics I ought to be able to make something pretty special. Are any of you old enough to remember Scrooge McDuck rolling around in his money? That's what I feel like doing in these fabrics.

I also have a good size piece of the candlelight satin that my Granny made my wedding dress from (1956, first marriage); it's still wrapped up on the bolt. It was with the fabric that my Mom gave me recently when she was cleaning out her closet. I hadn't even realized that she still had any of it. I just wish we had some of the organza that was used for the bridesmaids and maid of honor. They were in lovely colors of lavender and bronze and that glimmered in the candlelight.

Well, it's off to visit the kids in Byers this weekend. This trip has been postponed for 3 weeks due to blizzards. Snow is forecast again, but just flurries. I hope the weatherman is right. We've had snow on the ground for five weeks now and that is unheard of around here. It usually snows and then a Chinook (warm, downslope wind off the mountains) comes along and melts it off. We are learning what it's like for those in other parts of the country. But I have to remain thankful for the moisture. At the height of the drought when breathing smoke from all the forest fires I swore I would never complain about rain again, and that included snow.


Susan C. said...

I remember Uncle Scrooge rolling in his money. I was a huge Donald Duck comics fan. The fabrics look scrumptious.
Have fun and be safe on your trip.

Debra Spincic said...

Those fabrics look just great on your worktable! It will be so interesting to see them in a crazy quilt. My mom is always inspecting my current quilt for signs of threads/yarns she has given me. Such a delight!

The Carolina Quilter said...

Wow! Lucky you! I would die for these silk scraps as I am getting back into pouring and firing porcelain dolls but in miniature this time! I also occasionally dabble in crazy quilting! You're so lucky!