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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pomegranates, Demeter & Persephone

Oh my dear friends, run, don't walk, to the nearest store where you can purchase the Jan./Feb. issue of "Cloth, Paper, Scissors". At the back of the magazine is an article, "Artist Dreaming Deep" by Loretta Benedetto Marvel. As well as a very thoughtful and poetic essay on creativity, it has a photo of the most luscious pomegranate creation in existence. Stitching, beading, quilting, it's all there.

I quote "As artists, we embrace both Demeter and Persephone. We are equal parts creativity and longing. We walk the tightrope of inspiration and seeking inspiration, possessing both the searcher and the searched, and perform a constant dance of shifting back and forth between the two. I winter I go both underground with Persephone and roam above earth looking for her." I hate to stop but you need to read it and see it for yourselves.

The pomegranates caught my eye because I love them. I long for my own pomegranate tree, since seeing the one in my Uncle Bernie's garden in Albuquerque. As seen in the photo, the flower buds look like mini pomegranates. Unfortunately, the winters here are too severe to have one in the garden. I have considered trying one in a large pot, that can be moved in the winter, but my house and sun porch just do not have the room. Right now it is stuffed with the giant Euphorbias and Aloe Vera that go in my desert garden in the summer. Pomegranates and Persian Pickles, ah such beauty! I compare my garden to the Persian walled gardens, that were so refreshing in the desert, an oasis to refresh the body, soul and eye.


Rian said...

Lovely! What beautiful flowers. I wonder if pomegranates would grow here... Persimmons do.

quiltnbee said...

I'm going to the bookstore today, and I will be sure to look for the issue..Ii guess my suscription ran out...?
Rian, yes they do grow in neighbor has one that she shares with all us who live nearby...

Loretta said...

Hi Fran, Thank you for the lovely mention on your blog awhile ago. I love all things pomegranate and I'm glad my words inspired you!