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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

WIP Wednesday

A new year and here's what I'm working on.

The 12x12x12x12 Challenge will have it's first viewing starting January 12. I've chosen the theme "Nature Through the Seasons" and for January the gift nature has given me is snowflakes. I have a thing for hexagon shapes in quilts and snowflakes are basically hexagons. I'm fusing the main hexagons and then overlaying snowflake photos printed on silk organza and other techniques that seem appropriate to show off the snowflake designs. My designs seldom proceed from a completed design to the finished project in a straight line. I put down some ideas and then start moving them around and do a lot of looking and then the lightbulb goes on and I get additional ideas to try and move around. The actual construction of my pieces is not what takes up the most time. The time is spent in trying and looking and cogitating until it seems to fit together into a finished piece. This is amazing to me because I always thought I was one of those people who is uncomfortable making a trip without a detailed itinerary to follow on the map. Creation requires me to become a pathfinder rather than a path follower.

I'm also working on the most recent WOTB blocks, sisters Mary and Martha of the New Testament. These are more straighforward follow the pattern with the only decision on what colors to use and what piecing or applique technique to use, but these are satisfying in their own way.

My other WIP is a healthier me with a little help from my friends at the Quilter's Lounge of the Quilt Studio webring (see button on sidebar). We are improving our health and fitness through heathy eating habits, more exercise, and drinking more water. It is not easy to drink 4 quarts of water a day but I will do what I must to get the results I want. Maybe I'll be working so hard on the drinking that I won't have time to eat too much.

I had hoped to take part in Sharon B's Take a Stitch Tuesdays this
year but my arthritic hands are particularly painful, weak and stiff right now so have to delay my stitching for a while.

Hope you are all enjoying your Works in Progress.


Debra Spincic said...

Drinking the water has had that effect on me--no time to eat that nibble of a bite. I hope the same for you.

Clever idea with the hexagon and snow!

Kim said...

oh Fran, I loved your statement: "Creation requires me to become a pathfinder rather than a path follower." Just wonderful!

Scrapmaker said...

Fran, this is going to be a beautiful quilt. I love how you have used your own photos to make the fabric, both with the bird and the snowy weeds. I know you spent a lot of time last year taking photos for just that purpose.
Enjoy finding your new path! Jen

Kay said...

I like the hexagon and snow flakes, and also the description of your creative process. It sounds rather familiar. I HOPE to be a path creator.

How nice that you can consider the wnow "nature's gift!"

Anonymous said...

I love the flower garden thing, although I've only done one sample. I've got a quilter friend and she does similar cool things with hexagons. And she has the patience of Job, I tell her!

Sande said...

Looks great, Fran. And so fitting for the weather you're having out there! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece this week.

Deb H said...

I love cardinals. I used to have a pair of them live in my yard in Michigan. In Alaska, most of the birds aren't so brightly colored. That's a great photo you're using. I wanted to use one of my own for this monts JQ, but can't seem to find my fabric for printing, so I'm already behind!
Looks like you're getting your share of snow this year too!