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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Martha & Mary of Bethany

I've finished the blocks for weeks 45 and 46 in the Women of the Bible quilting and study group.

Martha was the older sister who was overwhelmed by the household duties necessary to prepare a meal for Jesus and the Apostles, and complained to Jesus that her sister Mary was sitting and listening to him teach instead of helping Martha. Jesus lovingly rebuked her and told her that Mary had chosen to do the right thing.

I chose a red fabric to represent Martha's strong will and green to represent her practical nature.

For Mary I used pink for her great love and aquamarine for her desire to grow spiritually by being close to Jesus and soaking up his teaching. The gold wash in both blocks always represent God's presence.

These blocks were both a combination of piecing and fused machine applique.

The stories of Martha and Mary of Bethany can be read in Luke 10 and John 11 & 12.

As I studied these women I came to realize the necessity of balancing
out the Martha and Mary nature's in me. As an oldest child I have
tended to be driven and a perfectionist who felt the need to
micromanage (control) those around me. A wise woman of age once told
me that our senior years are the time to "make our souls" and I am
thankful that I have lived long enough to appreciate what she meant. "Too
soon old, too late wise."


Sue said...

I truely love your site. What an inspiration your are

Deborah said...

Perfectly depict the nature of your subjects, both in form and color. Just beautiful, and your insights into why you chose the patterns and colors are wonderful. I'm going to post the quote on my blog if that's okay with you.

Deb Geyer said...

Lovely blocks, Fran!! The colors are wonderful. Do the blocks have names?

I often end up with Martha syndrome too. I have to watch that.

Susan C. said...

Fran, I love your Mary & Martha blocks. You have captured them both so well in the colors and designs you chose. I also like your insights into the story and how it applies to your life (and mine, as well). This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible because I see so much "me" in it. Some days I'm Martha; some days I'm Mary. I wish I could always be Mary. Thanks.

Lori (A.K.A. Elkhoundmom) said...

Thanks for posting over at my site. I do have a very interesting job, although like all jobs, stressful at times. I love your blocks and your use of color. Gorgeous!

Sande said...

Beautiful blocks! I especially like the Martha block. And your comments are always very inspirational and interesting. Thank you for sharing them so consistently!

Jeri said...

Beautiful blocks, and I love reading your descriptions.

SeamRippstress said...

Yes, i needed to see this Martha obsessed with the wrong things tonight. Beautiful and uplifting work!