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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Maybe it's Catching

When my daughter, Kat, and her family were here to spend Memorial Day with us, she brought me a surprise. Lovely hand sewn nine-patch blocks that she had made when she was leading a Girl Scout troop a few years ago and teaching them about quilting. She said she sewed them while watching TV and while she enjoyed doing it, she isn't happy that the seams don't all match, and she doesn't think she will do any more quiltmaking. She left the blocks with me for safe keeping. I think she'd kind of like me to make something for her from them.

When I got ready to take the photo I told her to arrange the blocks nicely. This arrangement was Greg's creative contribution to the event. I think they would look nice with matching sized blocks of a plain dark blue similar to the print background and that would make it possible to do something of useable size with these few blocks. So far, this is the only sign of interest in making quilts that any of my daughters has shown. I think the quilting bug skipped over the daughters to granddaughter Mandy.


Samantha said...

The bug skipped in my family- my grandma on my dad's side was crafty, and then, no one until me...

Jane Ann said...

"I think the quilting bug skipped over the daughters to granddaughter Mandy."

That would be about right. Whether it's cooking or quilting, those genes always skip. Makes sense: we rebel against our parents, who rebelled against theirs, etc. If I rebelled against my mother's interests, it stands to reason I would take up her mother's interests! (I'm already grooming my DGD.)