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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latest Family Photos

We had to take Mandy back home this past weekend and came home with some new photos.

The first one is grandchild number 15, Evan, who is 5 and in preschool. A few months ago he was fitted with bifocals (?) to help him with his reading. [I didn't have to have bifocals until I was nearly 50 and they still bug me.] Daughter Kat had chosen a different pose but he like this pose better. He usually has a very artificial "photo moment" smile when camera is pointed at him so this one is natural and adorable. [After all, he is my grandson.]

The second photo is of our fourth great grandchild, a boy, and this is his first photo. When I look at this I wonder how they can tell he is a boy. Look at that precious bead backbone. Maybe I could do another of my photo transfer journal quilts with this one. We think it is cute that Brian and Tabi are so proud that they had copies made for all the grandparents.

Today I took Mom to her Opthmologist in Pueblo and going and coming I got to see a Red-tailed Hawk sitting on her big, twiggy nest in a rare prairie tree on the north side of US 50. She nested there last year and I often see 1 or 2 hawks sitting in that tree when I drive by.

I drove home, from Mom's place in Canon City, on a county road at the base of the foothills (of Pikes Peak) north of Highway 50, where I was pleased to see many brilliant Mountain Bluebirds flocking in this area as they wait to head into the lower mountains to make nests and raise new broods. There were also quite a few Western Meadow Larks perching on the fences along the road, singing their hearts out. For the last 3 years, since the bad West Nile Virus summer, I haven't seen or heard as many of these favorites of mine. I know that several types of birds were hit badly by the virus and would like to see a study about the effect on the Meadow Larks. I always love to hear their beautiful song and have missed them. I also saw a Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk) hunting low over the prairie and then had the thrill of seeing a Scaled Quail run across the road in front of me. Even though it was a cool, gray, sprinkly day with clouds leaving snow on the front of the Wet Mountains (south of us), these birds were proof that Spring is here.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I love the photo of Evan, he is so handsome and has such a serious look on his face.

Your great-grandson's first photo is so cool. I wish I had one of my first son.

Enjoy all of your grand and great-grand kids.

diva of quilts said...

That is a great photo--he's very cute.

Deborah said...
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Deborah said...

Let me try & post again and this time make sense. The photos of Evan and the great grandkids in-the-making, so to speak, are great. Handsome kids! Love the pictures of the hawk. I see them around here often, too. Hope you're doing well.