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Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

(1) Vivian, Harold, Evy (Mom)

April 4 is my mother's 88th birthday. We will share her birthday cake and ice cream with her neighbors at Friendship House and her youngest sister and niece from Colorado Springs and then take her out to dinner to celebrate.
Mother was born in a farm house in Carroll County, Missouri on Easter, 1920. It was snowing so bad that the doctor couldn't get there, even on his horse, so the local midwife, who was at my great grandmother's house, came over and delivered her. Granny said that the snow was so deep and drifted that the doctor didn't get there to see them for 2 weeks. The family moved to Colorado when Mom was 2 years old.
(2) 17th Birthday, Poppa is threatening to "spank" her with his hammer

(3) Before ill health weakened her

(4) Mom 2 years ago
This will be another happy/sad day because Dad's birthday was April 5th and we always celebrated their birthdays together, often with Easter part of the celebration.


jenclair said...

Birthday good wishes to your Mom! Love the pictures, especially the one of her 17th birthday.

Rian said...

Happy Birthday Evy!

Allison Ann Aller said...

What a joy to see your mother's 17th bday pic with her father!!! A rare treat, Fran, thanks...
She is still a most beautiful soul.

Deb H said...

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom died when she was 69, but my Dad will be 88 in September!