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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Since I've upped my walking and exercise for Woman's Challenge the last 2 weeks, I haven't gotten a lot of quilting done. I did finish my Virginia Tech quilt block and have been working on my May 12 x 12, but don't have anything to show yet.

What I have been doing and will continue doing for the summer, is working in my garden. Today I pulled tons of weeds from the herb garden and the paths around the raised veggie beds, transplanted to the herb garden a hyssop that had volunteered in my veggie garden path, and actually began spading the soil in my new flower garden by the back door. I had to quit after I did half because it began raining and I had to go to Curves and shopping. When the soil is turned over I will fill the raised beds beds with top soil and compost. I plan to plant lavender and xeric orange, yellow and white flowers to set off the lavender. I will then lay pavers between the garden and the house to make a small patio just outside the sun porch where I can sit and smell the lavender.

This whole area was dug up and the yucky dirt and debris for the sun porch and carport were dumped here so this is going to be a major improvement. Since most people come to our back door and that is where we go in and out, it will be nice to have an attractive area there. Last summer I tried to make it look a smidgeon better by placing a few potted plants in the area and spreading bark mulch over the ugly dirt, but it just didn't make it.

Before: This was Joe doing the initial trenching in the area. See why I need to do raised beds with added soil and compost. In the wall of the trench you can see the clinkers and burned brick remnants from the old refinery I wrote about yesterday.

That mass of greenery in the back is the Tarragon I planted from seed before I discovered that French Tarragon has to be reproduced from cuttings. The seeds that are sold as Tarragon are really Mexican Tarragon, which is prolific but not as fragrant or good tasting as French Tarragon.

My dream garden, thanks to
High Country Gardens: Plants for the Western Garden and Beyond. Tune in next summer, or the next to see if the dream comes true, on a smaller basis.


Rian said...

Whew. That's a lot of work.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Makes me tired just reading about all the work.

paula, the quilter said...

Doncha just love Colorado dirt? Yours looks like mine! I love, love, love High Country Gardens. Did you know that one of their designers (Lauren Springer) used to live in Windsor? All the photos in her book, Undaunted Garden, are of her gardens in Windsor. I believe she has moved into the foothills west of me.

Jane Ann said...

Oh, my ... Takes my breath away. You certainly are surrounded by beauty, much of it your own creation.