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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Favorites from the Denver Quilt Festival

Technodunce [sorry, I borrowed this term from one of your blogs, and can't remember who gets the credit] Granny Fran attempted to add a link to a slide show of my photos here; instead please follow this link to my Webshots album and watch it as a slide show or click on each thumbnail to see the photos and captions.

Surprise, surprise! I tended to choose quilters who were working with photos printed on fabric, quilts that translated family photos and nature into fabric, and quilts that incorporated hexagons. I see these as the direction I am attempting to travel in my creative textile endeavors. I am pleased that viewing this show encouraged me to stretch and learn the techniques I need to create quilts that can be entered into juried shows, instead of making me feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

"How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

How does one create a prize winning quilt? One stitch at a time.

This quilt was pointed out to me by Debra as something similar to what she could see me doing
in the future. It was one large photo, printed in sections onto fabric, and assembled in such a way that it reads as a whole photo, then heavily quilted to enhance the scene. I'm now excited about translating the Colorado landscape, as photographed by me, into fabric.

(Please click on the photo to see the details.)


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love the gull quilt. The bright yellows and oranges combined with all that grey is perfect.

jenclair said...

:) I believe that was me. I not only find it hard to learn how to do computer stuff, but I forget what I finally do figure out! Thanks for the link to your album; I enjoyed viewing all of the quilts.

Rian said...

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless when you see such great works by people with amazing talent. I have often felt like that after a quilt show, and I have to remind myself it's simply about making the art--letting it come forth through you. So keep on nibbling that elephant, sister. You do beautiful work.

Debra Spincic said...

I often have to remind myself that everyone starts at the beginning but those that get anywhere Start!

I saw a quote once that went something like, The first step is the biggest step on a journey (or something like that) and I think about that and try to at least do something because I always end up learning something new.

You have alot of talent--you just have to find your groove and then develop it. I really think you are on the right track with your photography and machine work. Save the little embroidery work for nuts like me!

Samantha said...

I look forward to seeing your photos as quilts!