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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mountain Valley Orchard

Yesterday I rode up the Oak Creek Grade to Westcliffe with Joe, again. In a previous post I
mentioned the orchard and vineyard in the first valley over the Grade [the Oak Creek Grade was originally built as a wagon road to the silver mines in Silvercliffe over 100 years ago.] This
time the apple trees and lilacs were in bloom and I wanted to share them with you. The grape vines aren't growing much yet, you can see the stakes and wires behind the apple trees.

I would love to have an orchard of gnarled old apple trees but it is too late in life for me to grow my own. I've heard that you plant trees for the future generations, not for yourself.

I am late with my May 12 x 12. After seeing the quilts at the Denver show, my concept of what I was doing changed, and am I waiting for some silk organza and silk satin photo fabric sheets, that I had to order online, to arrive before I can finish the piece.