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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm a Happy

Joe went to Pueblo today and came home with a new HP Photosmart all-in-one printer_fax_scanner_Copier. It uses the individual color ink cartridges for better color and even has a tiny screen and photo card slots so that you can upload your digital photos and save, print, or send them without even using the computer, if you choose to. It has express and a premier photo management software which with just a preview looks to me like it will do a lot of things I wanted to do in the past and didn't have the capability. I'll know more after I have a chance to play with it a while. I've already printed onto photo paper and cotton fabric sheets and the color is so much more brilliant. Hooray! In the past I was trying to do photo jobs on a document printer, basically.

From what we could find out, HP inkjet printers seem to be about the best you can get and the salesman told Joe that, for the money, he couldn't find a better all-in-one than this model. Joe bought the extended warranty and told the guy if this printer goes out before the two year extended warranty period is over, he will come looking for him with a club. He didn't seem too worried about that.

We found out that a few guys will work on these printers for at least $80 an hour and the cost of parts, so it is cheaper to buy a new one and this way we know it will work for a while. Since Joe is a trained repair man, and is good at taking things apart and getting them back together so they work, he is going to see if he can figure out how to fix the old one, just for the learning experience. He figures he has nothing to loss and may learn something helpful and may even fix it so we have an emergency backup, if needed. There's nothing he likes better than tearing into something different and figuring it out. Did I luck out, or not, when I met this guy all those years ago at a country and western dance class?

My brother sent me some more unbelievable photos and I want to share them with you. He is going to make me a professional 10 x 17 print of the Grand Canyon photo to hang on my wall. It was my choice of all his photos I've seen. Our cousin, Zack, is trying to talk him into moving to the gulf coast of Florida so they can set up a studio and shop to sell Steve's photography and photo tiles. He can't stand the the thought of living away from the mountains of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona so he's not sure if he wants to go down there.
The photos from top to bottom:
Bryce Canyon: A Fire Within
Grand Canyon: Toroweep Overlook
Zion: Gobbler on the Road
copyright: Steve Metzner


jenclair said...

Congrats on the new printer, Fran.

Those photographs are breath-taking! Your brother is an excellent photographer, and I can understand his reluctance to leave such a suitable canvas of mountains and canyons.

Rian said...

Beautiful photos!

I would do the same as Joe: Take the old one apart to see what makes it tick. I loooove to tinker.

Sande said...

Beautiful photos from your brother. How nice that he like to bless you that way! Can't imagine that he can't sell well in the west as artsy as some of the areas are. I would never choose Florida over the West for much of any reason if I had a choice.
Good luck with the new printer.

Susan C. said...

Congrats on the new printer. I'm still without a computer (using Vann's laptop right now). I think I'm going to get a Mac. The photos are awesome.