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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WIP Wednesday

It is a good day to make quilts, since it is cold and snowy outside. I just read that I-25 was closed at the Larkspur exit, north of Colorado Springs, due to a major multi-vehicle accident. I'm glad I don't have to drive that section of the road today. I will drive downtown, about 7 blocks, to Curves to exercise this afternoon. I'd rather stay in and be lazy, but...

I've gotten all but one row of ninepatches on the child's Solar System quilt I am making for the 40 Quilt Service Project. I would be done with the stipes and ready to put on the borders, except that, when I got ready to assemble the next panel of ninepatches, I discovered that I had ended up with 5 of one kind of block and only 1 of the other. I need 3 of each, so have to make 2 more of that type of ninepatch. Luckily, I overcut on the strips, so I have extra to put together to make those 2. In f act I have enough stips cut to make a lot of ninepatches for another quilt. Math was never my strong point.

I also got the torn section of my design wall/door replaced and have posted before and after photos. Eventually, I will do both doors entirely with the flannel stretched over the foam core. Oh how I could use a whole design wall so I could lay out all of the blocks for a quilt tops in one spot, besides the floor. I can't leave them on the floor for long while I cogitate about how they should be arranged, due to the need to walk around our small house, as well as the fact that the cats immediately lie down in the middle of any fabric they can find.
For proof, you can see here that Ditto approves of the Solar System quilt. All I have to do is turn my back and they are there. Oh well, it looks like that quilt was designed for the cat. I hope the child who gets it is not allergic to cats. Maybe the child would like a cat? But we all know that Granny Fran couldn't give away one of her babies.


Beth said...

Wow, that really rocks, Fran! It looks great!

Rian said...

I am esecially fond of row quilts. This one is especially nice. Oooh, I got a peek at the WOTB blocks there.

jo said...

ohhhh, the cat looks to be about the same age as my little bonnie, who is now about 6 months. How old is yours?

The quilt is gorgeous!

Vivian Love said...

I love your Solar System quilt and have enjoyed watching it's progress. Thanks for sharing. Stay warm!

Vivian Love
Southern California (I thought it was cold here...nothing compared to Colorado!)

Granny Fran said...

Jo, Interesting that you should think he's still a kitten. When he showed up and adopted us early last year, we thought he was under 1 year because he was so small, about half the size of our other Lynx Point Siamese mix. When we took him to the vet, we found out he was closer to 9 years, and what few teeth he had left were horribly ulcerated and all had to be surgically remove. So he is a toothless old guy. Because he looks so like the other one,except for size, we named him Ditto. He is a love and much calmer than ChoCho, who is 3 years old.

Jo said...

Fran, my older cat (Little Caesar) only has five teeth. He lost them to gum disease when he was about 5 years old.

Love the daffodil fabrics, too.