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Monday, February 26, 2007

Postscript to Hagar's Block

Dear Friends, I guess I opened a can of worms. I did not intend my Hagar block to be construed as an attack on Islam. I made a beautiful block for her and through my study came to a very sympathetic understanding of what this poor woman went through, due to being a slave.

I, as a Christian, do not monitor blogs, and leave 5 page rebuttals to the beliefs of those of the Islam faith. Therefore, I do not appreciate whoever it was that felt the need to set me straight in my beliefs by leaving an anonymous 5 page rebuttal of my beliefs in the comment section. I have deleted the comment, feeling it was inappropriate. However, I kept a copy of the rebuttal and will study it, but since I am already aware of the difference in belief, on this point, between the Jewish/Christian and Islam Holy books I doubt that this rebuttal will change my beliefs.

This does not strike me as the best way to open a dialogue between people of the two, or actually three, faiths. The only people of Islam (or any other faith) that I have a problem with are the ones who feel that it is their duty to kill me and my people for being infidels. If you have no desire to kill me, or see me killed, I have no problem with being your friend. I have absolutely no desire to attack, kill, or see killed, those who have differing beliefs, and I regret those times when "Christians" felt such a need. I am making an attempt to understand what it means for me to love my enemies, even when they are attacking and endangering me and my people. I don't believe that means I have to bow down and expose my throat to the blade that is threatening me. I see a difference between turning the other cheek and exposing the throat to the blade.

I apologize that this unpleasantness had to impinge upon our celebration of the textile arts, but we can't always turn our backs and ignore what is going on in the world. I felt that I needed to express myself to the person who chose to attack my beliefs anonymously.


Forgetmenot said...

I thought your Hagar's block was very beautiful, even though I did not comment yesterday. Though I have not studied her story, I know the basics and I thought your interpretation was sympathetic and spiritual. Elizabeth

Debra Spincic said...

I have had some of those anonymous letters myself from those belittling my Quilts of Valor efforts.

It always strikes me as very cowardly that whomever writes such attacking letters doesn't have the nerve to leave email addresses or blog addresses.

I delete them too.

This is your blog. You do not have to defend it in anyway. period.

Susan C. said...

Don't let 'em steal your joy, dear lady. BTW, I think your Hagar block is one of your prettiest. --Susan C.

Allison Ann Aller said...

You love God...nothing else matters!

Sande said...

I agree with the others. Your block and your write-up for Hagar is very beautiful and sympathetic to her, as your blocks alway are. I hope this doesn't stop your wonderful posts on the WOTB blocks. Being persecuted for your faith is a mark of honor and means you're doing something right!

Anonymous said...

It hasn't happened to me yet, but I'm sure it will one day. Like Allison said, love your God. You have a right to your faith as well as them having a right to theirs. What gets me is if we talk about what we as Christians believe, people think we are attacking them and don't have a right to express that. But Jesus said it was going to get interesting.