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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thrilled Over Early Christmas

I came home from WalMart yesterday and told Joe about a camera (Canon PowerShot SX120 IS) I had seen on sale and did he think I should get it since the 6 year old Canon Elph has about seen it's end of days. Only problem was, they didn't have any instock, but had some coming soon.

He came back from his trip to Pueblo this morning with a sack from Best Buy. In it was the same camera (10MB; 10 optical zoom), a 4 GB Flash Memory card, and a blue carrying case. He thought I needed it before we went to Denver and Boulder for family Thanksgiving. I am ecstatic! I've been out trying it and comparing it to my beloved little Elph. Beloved because it is so small I can carry it in my purse all the time and it is easy to use. This one is a bit bigger but will still fit in that huge purse and it has a huge screen compared to the other, not to mention tons of mega bytes and optical zoom!!!

I can get all the tiny details in flora and fauna, especially the birds. See examples above. A Downey Woodpecker was gracious to show up at the feeders just as I needed a model. The flower is a very late Gaillardia that I planted on the south side of the house this summer, and it still thinks it is summer, in spite of the 18 degree nights we've had recently. Look at the miniscule details.

The new camera photo was taken with the old Elph.

Do I have a very special husband? Count your blessings, Granny Fran.


Kay said...

I have this camera. You'll like it. The larger display is wonderful!

Beth said...

I'm jealous! Now, even more great pictures from you!

Debra said...

I just got a new camera too- a Nikon. Can't say that I love it but it was a surprise from Wes and his feelings are more important than what I think of the camera. Mine does have an 18x zoom which is better than my old Sony (which I loved and it gave up on me).

Rian said...

Ooh, very nice! You will love the detail you can get with 10MB. I often have to shrink down the pictures though, they are so HUGE!

Deb H said...

It amazes me how the cameras just keep changing & improving. My camera is probably 6 years old, & was a top of the line when my DH got it for me, but is so outdated now.

You are a lucky duck!! Happy Thanksgiving dear Fran!

Kate said...

Hey! What a sweetheart of a hubby you have. Seems like everybody owns a Canon. I have a Lumix and I adore it. But, maybe I should pay a visit to the camera shop to see what all the excitement is about. Safe travels.

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