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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Look What I Found

While looking thru another of Mom's boxes, from her old home, look what I found.

Here are two cardboard templates with her notations on them. Along with these were a stack of recycled wool squares that she had planned for some comforter. There were also a few remnants of vintage fabrics she had saved.

Next were four notes to herself with longago measurements for a couple of my daughters dresses she was making as well as notes about things to do and a reminder to get the measurements from my brother Steve's daughter Regina. I feel so close to her when I see her handwriting on these yellowed pieces of paper. Granny had a genius for making things and recycling; she couldn't afford not to; she raised her family, on a farm, during the depression.

The final gem was this old early 40s pattern of a dress for my Mom, Evy. This was before sizes were changed so don't really reflect how small mother was. Daddy could circle his hands around her waist when they married.

Does anyone recognize the actress pictured on the front of the pattern envelope?

From the tattered condition of this pattern, I would say that Granny used it over and over. She was good at revising patterns for making different types of dresses. I grew up in school dresses that she made from feed sack fabric. She would have me pick out some dresses I liked from the "Monkey Wards" catalog and figure out how to make a version for me.
These went into "the box under the bed" that will one day be donated to the quilt museum that has the box under the bed project.


Kay said...

Things like that are such a poignant reminder of the passage of time, aren't they?

Debra said...

What great momentos. I am sure no one will be able to understand my notes on paper since I can't understand them a week later!

Rian said...

Thanks for the memories. Frock--a word that has practically disappeard from our vocabulary.

Barbara C said...

I love seeing these kinds of things. It's funny how little slips of paper can evoke such memories and feelings.

Enjoy your new camera and your Thanksgiving reunion.