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Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat in a Historic District

Late this afternoon, as I sat in DeRito's waiting for our to go chicken calzone with green chili, I had the fun of seeing the children and parents of Canon City making their Halloween Trick or Treat trek through the Main Street Historic District. For a small city, we have hordes of children; and were they ever cute! The older I get, the more I appreciate the little ones. I'll share some of the photos with you all.

That's DeRito's Roman Centurion statue looking right at home with the trick or treaters.

The old clock tower, from the Victorian County Courthouse that burned years ago, has been recreated on Main Street across from DeRito's. Some of the kids were tired from their walk and chose to sit and rest at the base.

The first settlers from further east in the U. S. arrived here in 1859, with the discovery of "gold in them thar hills". A few cabins were built, but when news of the Civil War came, most packed up and went back to fight in the War. Some were Union men and some Confederate. We still have a Confederate section in the old graveyard, and for the Memorial Day services, both sides are honored. When the war was over, they came trooping back and began making a living by selling home grown food, and other necessary supplies to the miners in Leadville, way up the Arkansas River in the high mountains, which started with gold mining and then also discovered silver. Baby Doe Tabor, of the Ballad of Baby Doe opera, married her rich miner in Leadville, and died there, a pauper, waiting faithfully for another rich vein to be discovered, as instructed by her dying husband.

The Leadville riches and later in the century, the Cripple Creek gold riches, allowed Canon City to build lovely commercial buildings along Main Street, and many grand homes, including a full blown mansion on the River at First Street. Colorado Governor Peabody's Victorian brick home on Royal Gorge Boulevard, has been restored and is now the office space for the local Chamber of Commerce.

The view east down Main Street, full of Halloween revelers. See the great old historic store buildings. Here is a close up of the old bank building with the fantastic tower, that is a favorite of mine. The bank that grew from this one has recently become affiliated with Wells Fargo after being home owned for over a century.

During the Colorado Territory years, a deal was made in the legislature, which awarded the university to Boulder and the penetentiary to Canon City. Today the old Territorial Prison is still operating on the west end of the City and the Colorado Correctional Complex, with about 9 other prisons (including the Women's Prison), is on the east side. The Colorado Department of Corrections is the largest employee in Fremont County. So, only in Canon City, would you see the Dept. of Corrections passing out treats; do you suppose they had prisoners handing them out?!

Special bulletin:

On Wednesday we got the message that granddaughter Breanne had gone into labor and was in the hospital and yesterday we got this photo from Grandma Lori's telephone. Little Adam (our 6th great grandchild) was close to 7 pounds and seems to have his mom's hair. Breanne was about the cutest newborn I've ever seen, so I'm anxious to get a good look at Adam.

Luckily, we are making our October pilgrimmage to Byers, this weekend, to celebrate the many family birthdays and our 24th anniversary in this month. And now we have another one to celebrate. Adam made it the day before Halloween and our first great grandchild, Kaylee, was born on Halloween 7 years ago. Hopefully, we'll have a better photo when we get home.

I have Noah's Ark fabric to make Adam's quilt. Brendon's top is done and now I have to sandwich and machine quilt it. Hopefully, he will receive it before he starts kindergarten.

Have a Happy Halloween weekend!


Barbara C said...

It's interesting to see all those great old buildings and to hear about the history of your area. Congratulations on the new baby and on your anniversary. You have a lot of blessings to celebrate.

Allison Ann Aller said...

I always love your posts about family and Colorado history too.
...and I have to say, that chicken calzone with green chili sounds soooo good!

Scrapmaker said...

What a wonderful tour of the town! Thanks Fran, and congratulations on the new baby too. Jen

Debra said...

that is a head of hair! New babies are so sweet!

Cool looking town!