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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Altered Threads

I was fortunate to be able to get a fast trip through the Altered Threads exhibit at the Sangre de Christo Art Center in Pueblo, today, in between taking Mom to dentist and doctor appointments.

The show was wonderful and now I hope to go back and spend more time looking and reading the details of construction and materials from the gallery note book.

Seeing these art quilts confirmed to me what I've been thinking lately; I don't want to make traditional bed quilts (as much as I love them), I want to make small art quilts. As I have less and less energy these days, I want to expend what I do have on creating quilts that excite me and that I love doing. I also feel a lot better about myself not liking to sandwich and quilt my pieces, after hearing Eleanor Burns tell Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms that she doesn't like to quilt, she only quilts by credit card. I've had this feeling that I should make quilts for each member of my family, before I could go back to making my art quilts. But driving home today I realized that I can make art quilts that are specifically designed for my loved ones, instead of making them snuggle quilts. Of course, this does not refer to the babies, who need snuggles. "Don't should on me!" as the T-shirt of an old friend stated.

Here are a few of the quilts from the show and you can see the titles and artists names as well as more quilts at my Webshots album:

"Altered Threads Front Range Contemporary QuiltersKing Gallery November 1- January 17

Altered Threads takes quilt making into the realm of contemporary art. These amazing fiber art works stimulate the mind and extend the horizons of stitchers, painters and manipulators of fabric. Front Range Contemporary Quilters is a membership organization that began in 1988. The group now has more than 200 members and is devoted to contemporary innovative quilt making and fiber art. It is a forum for exchanging ideas and methods, for encouraging creativity and broadening the horizons of art quilters. "
I just wish you could each see the richness of these quilts in person. Be sure and click on the photos so you can see a little more detail.


Deb Hardman said...

I had a counselor tell me "you shouldn't should on yourself". I always liked that sentiment.

The art quilts are beautiful. If you feel like creating some yourself, then go for it!!!

Deb Geyer said...

WoW! WoW! and WoW! Those quilts are awesome! I love the Mesa Verde quilt!

Sandra said...

Looks like an outstanding show. How nice that to live close and be able to see it.
And yea, that 'quilting by credit card' idea appeals to me too. I like doing the tops but don't like doing the quilting. Binding is okay.
Be blessed, Fran!

Kay said...

So beautiful! Thanks you for sharing the pictures. And go for the quilts YOU want to make!

Rian said...

Beauties, all of 'em. The nice thing about art quilts is they don't take as much time to complete as a bed quilt. And aren't as repetitious. Go for it!

McIrish Annie said...

Granny Fran, YOu are headed into dangerous but super fun territory! The art quilts take you to all different types of materials and techniques. If you are really serious, pick up a copy of quilting arts or check out their website. You will love it!!

allie aller said... must follow your muse!
Thanks for the great art show, too.

Barbara C said...

Follow your bliss Fran. Your family will be grateful for anything you lovingly make for them.

Thanks for the great quilt show. I love the Virgin of Guadalupe one.

laura west kong said...

Thanks for sharing those amazing quilts! I'm sure your family will love to receive your art quilts just as much as regular ones.