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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WIP Wednesday

I'm working on my April 12 x 12 but don't want to show it until it's done and posted. Here is a teaser to whet your appetites. I've been wanting to make a star with a hexagon center like the one that was in the box of old family quilt blocks that my sister-in-law gave me and decided that it would make a great Evening Star for my April piece. It amazes me how many quilt patterns I can find made from hexagons. Now I understand why so many quilters make series of quilts. One is never enough!

I've also been preparing paper piecing patterns for more WOTB blocks. I've been printing my patterns onto tracing paper, which is a hassle because I have to cut it down to fit and then tape it with removeable double sided tape to a sheet of paper so it will feed through the printer. My new printer is more sensitive than the old one and won't feed it if it is the tiniest bit off so

yesterday at the Creative Cloth Closet shop in Canon City, I noticed and purchased a package of Carol Doak foundation paper to try. It should feed better and be less slippery to work with than the tracing paper. Hope I like it better; Denise (the LQS owner) tells me that she has good results using it.

After receiving my copy of the book "Sew One and You're Done" by Evelyn Sloppy, I decided to make one big star instead of lots of small ones. I've started cutting out the pieces for a large block quilt called Garden Magic, which goes well with the lovely fabrics sent to me by Debra S. The block will have to have a border added to make it big enough for the QOV standards. It will be a nice change to work with larger pieces after all the tiny pieces in some of the 6 inch WOTB blocks.

The wind has been terrible yesterday and today and the weatherman is warning us to be ready for a major blizzard on Friday. The weather is simply not cooperating with my Spring garden plans.

I got my hair cut yesterday, and once again, they scalped me! I want it short, but I also want to look like a female. With this wind the short hairs are spiked and I look more like a boy than a grandmother. Oh well, it grows fast. Maybe I should get some hair wax and purple and lime green hair dye. ROFL!


quiltnbee said...

Haha! I think a grandma with spiked hair is COOL!Very hip!=-) You can put some hair glue in it and spike it up real good! haha! I love the teaser for your 12 x12...can't wait to see that silverstar! I love hexes, too...

Fran, I cut freezer paper to 8.5 x 11 and it feeds right through my printer...after I roll it the opposite direction it was in the box, of course...but I've done this for years for making Jane Stickle blocks and it works really well for me...

Deb Geyer said...

Green and purple hair- you are so cool, Fran!

McIrish Annie said...

Fran, I have used those Carol Doak foundations. They are good for printing but a pain in the rumpus to tear off. Don't know if you are aware but there are some Solvy sheets available which you can print on and they are water soluble. A few spritzes with water and they disappear. Obviously, it depends on the fabric you are using but ladies in my guild have used them and love them! Might be worth checking out if you do a lot of PPing.

please post a pic of the purple and green hair if you decide to head for the WILD SIDE!lol

can't wait to see your 12x12. they are always inspiring.

Debra Spincic said...

Have you stopped by Barbara's blog?
She has made a few QoVs from that book and they have turned out lovely (and are fast).

I went through many years of "colored" hair with my 2 sons. My philosophy: It's just Hair! do what you want . . . *wink*

Paige said...

Granny, thanks so much for coming by my place. It is wonderful to have new eyes look at my work. BTW you are correct, the photo is of broken auto glass, my kids & found down a tral thru the woods last fall. It sure made a pretty photo, can't figure out how it got in the woods?
I'm letting my natural color grow out. So far it looks like its a nice silver.

thanks again