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Friday, April 13, 2007

How Do You Spend a Snowy Friday the 13th?

I think my cat, Chow Yun Phat (ChoCho) had the right idea! He and Ditto like to get under my bed when it's cold because there is a heat register that warms the area quite nicely. They also hide under my bed when strangers are in the house. This morning while I was getting dressed in the bathroom, I saw that his front half was under the bed and his tail and back legs were sticking out from the bedskirt. I was tempted to crawl back under the covers, myself, but I didn't. Instead, I pressed the fabrics that I showed earlier in the week, as well as some more gold washed batiks that I purchased for my WOTB blocks at the Creative Cloth Closet, in Canon City, this week; and did some more work on my April 12 x 12. I didn't finish it time for my posting date, yesterday, so I will post it on the 16th.
ChoCho likes to watch birds as much as I do; he would just love to be in Rian's house watching that dumb Robin smack himself against the window.

Here's why it was a good day to press fabrics. Actually, the storm shifted a bit and we only got the north edge of it, so didn't get the major blizzard that had been forecasted. Since the snow is quite wet and melting off the streets as soon as it falls, it should help bring on the spring flowers when the sun comes out again.


paula, the quilter said...

We got nothing. In fact, the sun broke through the clouds around 1pm.

Micki said...

Glad the major storm missed you. I am catching up with your blog. You have been really busy. I admire all of your piecing. I seem to have lost my passion for it, but there are a few quilts I want to make, eventually, so maybe I will regain a love of it again. ;-)

Keep up the wonderful work.