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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leaving the Nest

This noon I saw a pair of Western Kingbirds on the phone line running along the street. We have seen them often this summer sitting, then flying off to catch a bug, and coming back to sit for a while. But, this morning the difference was they had a slightly smaller version of themselves on the line with them. The parents would take turns flying to catch an insect and then return to feed the fledgling, which awkwardly hopped to look one way and then hopped back to look the other way, between accepting the gifts of love from his proud parents.
Since I didn't get a photo of the birds in my yard, I borrowed this one from the internet. Thank you, Terry. I would love to take bird photos that were this good.

This seemed particularly apropos because this morning my granddaughter, Mandy, flew away from her home in Byers (by way of Denver International Airport) on her way to the Job Corps facility in Clearfield, Utah. When Kat called me, just before noon, to tell me that Mandy was gone, we both cried, reminded each other that it was a great opportunity for her, and then cried some more. When Joe came home for lunch I cried when I gave him the news.

Mandy with her brother, Evan.

Kat hadn't been able to go through the search process at DIA with Mandy because she is still in the wheelchair after her second knee surgery, so Greg went with her until she got to the final gate, and he said he cried also. And wouldn't you know it, Mandy's number was picked and she had to go into the bomb booth in addition to the usual search process.

Since she flew into the Salt Lake City airport, before being taken to Clearfield with several other Colorado kids, her Aunt Sharon met her by the baggage claim area to hug her and wish her well on her trip to adulthood. We're happy that she will be able to spend some weekends with her aunt and cousins. She will be able to spend 2 weeks at home for Christmas.

Fly away, little bird, may your wings grow strong, and may you enjoy the wonderful wide view from up there.

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hannah elizabeth said...

It's hard, but you can do it.

So can she.