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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fledgling Day School

On the 14th I blogged about the Western Kingbird fledgling in our yard. The next day it was joined by 2 siblings perching on the line and squawking loudly. The 3 were huddled together for comfort in the big frightening world outside the nest. Mom and Dad flew back and forth calling to them and feeding them and attempting to get them to make short hops from one part of the line to another.

By the next day the parents would bring bugs and sit a short distance from them in the Russian Olive tree and tempt them to come get the bug. First one and then another would bravely fly the short distance to be rewarded with a yummy bug. Those parent birds are wise and patient in their training of the young ones; it has been a joy to watch. I wonder how long it takes till they become independent. I intend to keep watching as long as they hang around Toad Haven.

I did manage to get this photo of the 3 youngsters on the line; I could never get in position to photograph the fledglings with the parents since they didn't hang around very long. It takes constant flying trips to catch enough of those bugs out of the air.


Sande said...

Nice photo! I agree - it is fun seeing the baby birds start making their own way. Hope they stay around for a good long time so you can enjoy them.

Scrapmaker said...

It IS fun to watch the birds. We have been observing similar activities in our yard. BTW, your garden pictures are lovely! Jen

Debra said...

Cute! Brings a smile to my face!