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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy, Busy Time

This month has been rather insane. We started with a trip to the ER, by ambulance, for Joe with chest pains, which was finally determined to be a bad case of indigestion from a huge Mexican burrito dinner the night before rather than a heart problem.

The next day Amber had major oral surgery, in Colorado Springs, with her jawbones broken and reset to properly align her teeth. A couple of days later she had a seizure in the shower with her Mom, because she was too weak to do anything alone, and she was sent to the ER where the doctors decided it was caused by the heat of the shower acting on the narcotic pain medicine she was on. She is so brave that after less than a week she went to her Senior Prom, with nurse Mom accompanying her, while barely able to walk and unable to open he mouth or talk. She is doing so well now that the bands were removed from her braces and she is able to eat a little soft food instead of having liquid squirted in with a syringe. After two weeks she was able to go back to school today, but didn't make it all day.

On Friday, I was in Urgent Care for one of my chronic complaints which required antibiotics.

Saturday, April 4 was Mom's 89th birthday and we had a party for her in the dining room of her assisted living home with a chocolate cake with 3 sparkler candles, one for past, one for present, and one for future. My brother, Steve and his new bride, Gwen, celebrated with us. We adore Gwen and are so happy that Steve found her, living nearby, when he moved back from Reno to live in Mom's house in Fowler. We think they are an adorable couple.

On Sunday, when Mom got home from church, she took off her coat and laid it on the bed and as she started to take the few steps to her recliner, she fell flat on her face and shook herself up royally. She didn't think she needed to be checked out at the ER but the next day she called me with pain in her neck and back. Since she has severe Osteosporosis, I feared she could have a broken bone. It turned out that she was having muscle spasms from a Cervical strain so she was sent home with an RX for a muscle relaxent and Extra Strength Tylenol. For the few days she took the muscle relaxent she was not allowed to walk anywhere without assistance because of the danger of falling again.

During this time granddaughter Mandy was staying with us and she was at the hospital with Amber when she had her surgery. She found 3 pieces of vintage plaid fabrics with reds and blacks in my stash and sewed a simple six block top for a pillowcase and made the back out of another piece of plaid.

Then when Amber's sister Makayla stayed with me, while Amber had followups with her Oral Surgeon, she found some black and white fabrics with gold stars which she pieced in a four patch pillow top which she backed with a matching red and stars fabric as a gift for her recuperating sister. Luckily I had a big bag of stuffing material in the closet for that project. So while I haven't really been able to get into quilting since those small strokes last summer, at least I am still able to help the girls learn how to sew and piece.

Kathy and Greg came for Easter weekend, with little Evan, to take Mandy home after her three weeks with us. We made a big pot of chili con carne for Saturday supper and went to a restaurant for Easter dinner. My son, Carl, drove down from Niwot to visit with us because Robyn was in California with her mom and aunt. Unfortunately, when we went to pick up Mom to go to dinner, we found her still in bed. She had had another dizzy spell that morning when she got out of bed and fell backward onto her bed, so didn't get up to go to church or go eat with us.

We went back to her room after dinner, with a piece of lemon meringue pie for her, and she was feeling better and able to sit up in her recliner and visit with us. Since all 8 of us didn't fit into her room, Mandy and her friend Jack took Evan out to play in the hall where he made friends with the Manager, who had him hunt Easter eggs in the dining room. He had an indoor egg hunt earlier in our house because our wonderful Easter surprise was rain and wet snow. When I woke up and saw the snow falling it was so exciting that I started singing the Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah in my head. Normally I hope for a sunny, flowery Easter, but this year the moisture is more appreciated.

Evan brought me the best Easter gift a Grandmother could have, a seedling Sunflower that he had grown in his Kindergarten class, in a small plastic glass with a hand colored label with about an inch of dirt for the seed/plant. Today I transplanted it into a pot with more soil to grow a bit more before I transplant it into the garden. I promised him I would send him a photo of it blooming in Toad Haven.

So today Joe and I and the two cats have the house to ourselves again. The snow melted off and it was 70 degrees and sunny outside this afternoon so I was able to do some more clean up work in the herb garden and refill the little pond and get the fountain spraying again. And, as usual, when I work in the garden I get breathless and have to rest often, so I put up the table umbrella on the dooryard patio and read as well as enjoyed watching the birds feeding at the newly filled bird feeder stations. There were 2 irredescent Grackles making pigs of themselves, numerous little red headed House Finches singing their lovely spring songs, not to mention the multitudes of Eurasian Collared Doves and English Sparrows (darn those introduced pests!). The Robins happily hopped across the grass finding worms in the damp soil, a Red Tailed Hawk flew from Elm Tree to Elm Tree across the RR tracks and a couple of our Turkey Vultures circled in the blue sky to the south. Hopefully, the rest of April will slow down for us so we can enjoy watching spring come in.


Debra Dixon said...

My Goodness! What a month so far and it's only the 15th. Be Well. Sounds like you are taking it all in stride.

Barbara C said...

It's good to hear from you Fran. In spite of all these challenges you are lucky to have such a close and loving family.

Enjoy the coming of Spring. I'll look forward to seeing that little sunflower bloom.

Sandra said...

Yup, things there sound a little crazy right now. I'm glad to hear they are settling down and that you're able to get back into the garden again. It's so peaceful!

laura west kong said...

Wow! That's good things are settling down a bit. Sending out hugs and prayers. =(^_^)=

allie aller said...

I so enjoy reading about you and your family, because there is always so much love all the way around.

I'm so happy for your newly wedded brother, too!