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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Along with many other gardeners throughout the world, I am sharing what is blooming today at Toad Haven at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in SE Colorado. Check out May Dreams Gardens for the list of gardening bloggers taking part.

Outdoor blooms are still scarce at Toad Haven as we are having our typical April weather; warm, sunny 60/70 degree days interspersed with cold, cloudy snowy days. Because it has been such a dry winter we are overjoyed to have the moisture, even in the form of snow. "April (snow) showers bring May flowers."

Here is a photo of the dooryard garden and patio today, to show what the typical garden looks like in this climate in April. I left the turned over chair the way it was to show you how much the wind has been blowing. Every time I go out it seems that I have to put the chairs upright again.

There are a few flowers poking thru the green grass and dried plant material, such as these Scillas.

In an old whisky barrel the Grape Hyacinths are popping up. This batch of plants originally came from my Boulder garden; some were transplanted to Dad's garden in Fowler, when my kids were still kids; then transplanted into a whisky barrel in my downtown Florence rooftop garden, La Playa Brea; and 6 years ago the whisky barrel was moved into the prairie border here in Toad Haven. This is the one batch of plants that I never transplanted into the garden soil, but they seem quite happy to bloom in the barrel each Spring, where they encourage many lovely memories.

A batch of small Daffodils are blooming through the Creeping Phlox plant, that is not blooming yet. Daffodils always seem like such happy flowers and it thrills me to have a few in my garden. As much as I love them I don't know why I haven't planted more. Maybe this will be the daffodil bulb planting fall.

Here and there throughout the garden are self seeded Violas. This tiny little guy is growing between the pavers in the Herb Garden path. Other than fresh green shoots of Marjoram, Italian Parsley, Oregano and Sage this garden is still pretty much straw colored. I did pick up 6 pots of Cilantro to plant the other day, but with a major snow storm expected it will be a few more days before they can leave the Sun Porch.

A pot of fragrant purple Hyacinths are blooming on my front porch to welcome visitors.

In the dining room the red Phaelanopsis Bonica Orchid is still blooming and the blush white Phaelanopsis Mount Beauty x Stope New Candy Orchid buds are about to pop open.

The Lipstick Vine has done so much better since it moved into the south window of the new Sun Porch a couple of years ago. Right now it is covered with bright red blossoms. Watching the blossoms develop from bud to full bloom is always fascinating.

I should have a lot more flowers to share in another month. Check it out on May 15.


Deb Geyer said...

Lovely Fran! You have quite a few blooms!

mss @ Zanthan Gardens (Texas) said...

I like all your blue flowers. They're my favorite. And the little violas too. Like you, we keep hoping for some rain to wake up the garden.

Sande said...

I like the description of your heritage plants. I have a couple of plants from grandparents and I'd hate to lose them. Great photos. Don't you have to admire the spirit of that little viola?

Barbara C said...

You have a lot of flowers for living in such a dry environment, and they're so cheery and strong looking. I hope you continue to get more rain and snow. We've had a dry year here too, but the garden has produced an abundance of weeds.