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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

_Last Spring_ California Poppies

In one of my elementary textboods was a section on Spring poems with a drawing entitled Spring; everything depicted was made of springs or had an attached spring of some type. I've always remembered that drawing and have never seen it again. I would love to find a copy of it.

I had to get up at the crack of dawn to go to Colorado Springs Penrose Hospital for oral surgery this morning (fasting_no tea_no food_no meds). The IV went in perfectly first time! Since the usual "go to sleep" med they use is soy based, I was given the alternative cocktail to relax me, lower the pain threshhold, and something else I don't remember. The surgery went well, I now have 2 less teeth and have to figure out what type of partials I need to get installed since those were the last 2 teeth I could chew with. I'm thinking that implants would be better than attaching the false teeth to crowns on the side teeth, since I would have to have 6 crowns to attach the 3 partials I need and that is time consuming and costly. I'm hoping the implants would be about the same cost. Mom had to have implants to get her false teeth to fit and has been pleased with them.

_Last Spring_ Chamomile
When Joe drove me home we had to stop at a grocery store to get some good lowfat yoghurt (Mountain High is what I prefer since it was invented and sold first in Boulder when I lived there) since I can't have solid food for 48 hours. Hopefully this will assist me in losing a few more of my goal of 80 pounds, while I can't eat solid food. I took a pain pill and reclined and slept till late afternoon, when I got a call from my brother Steve.

He is starting a new corporation to market his photos and photo tile murals and had just gotten back from a meeting in LA and is really excited with his new corporate board of well experienced advisers who "know" people. Steve has done away with his blog since it didn't get enough traffic to justify the time it took. His photos can now be viewed at, where he gets a lot more attention and feedback.

After talking to him I felt well enough to go outside, feed the birds, watch the birds, and do a small amount of cleanup of locust seed pods in the herb garden. I also sat a bit on the new patio I built last summer and watched a fat moon come up in the still fairly light blue sky. It must be close to full moon. Does the Equinox come with the full moon? Where is my "Old Farmer's Almanac"?
It is time to plant the Sugar Pod Peas but with the rain and snow I haven't been able to prepare the soil so they will go in a little late. While sitting there I discovered lots of one inch tall California Poppy plants just coming up in my new Lavender garden; seeded from the ones I grew there last year. I'm anxious to see what all made it through the winter and will come up and flower there this year. I need to spread some Camomile seeds so that I have some white flowers with the gold poppies and lavender Lavender. I love the look, smell and taste of Chamomile, which makes a great relaxing tea (see the photo of Chamomile with purple Veronica and yellow Yarrow growing in pots on my previous roof top garden, La Playa Brea_click to enlarge) .


paula, the quilter said...

Mt High Fat Free Vanilla is the BEST! I'll be interested to hear what you decide on the implant/partial situation since I have to make that decision too. My problem is no dental insurance. :( Since I am quite a bit further north than you our spring is just starting. If I could find some time (remember the Auntie thing) I would go out and start cleaning up some of the beds. A woman's work is never, ever done.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

Sounds like you are being a trooper with all the oral surgery etc....
I am excited too to read about your brother's new venture with his photography. He is just amazingly talented.
I will be interested in the tile murals too, once they get going. That is definitely my kind of art...keep me informed, ok?

sparkle jars said...

Your brother's photographs are beautiful! Thank you for sharing those. I hope you're feeling better.

Debra said...

Sorry to hear about your dental surgery. It is snowing here in Southern Ontario today and we still have a lot to get rid of before we can call it spring. Take care of youself.

Deb H said...

I love the Mtn High with honey.

Hope you heal quickly.

Isn't spring time lovely? I love the longer warmer days. It seems to infuse me with a little more energy.