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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Crazy about Mandy

Mandy is staying with me on Spring Break and wanted to "sew pieces of material together" so I showed her how to assemble a crazy quilt block. She jumped into it and has had a blast using scraps from my bag for the block. She wants to use it to make a pillow. Here is what she has done so far.

I've shown her some of the crazy quilts by Debra S. and Allie and am going to see if she wants to learn to do some embroidery stitches on the seams. I was much younger than her when Granny taught me my first lazy daisy stitch and similar simple stitches. I am so glad that Granny had so much patience with us kids.

Spring is beginning to tease us here. My periwinkle is blooming and I've seen daffodils blooming in several yards, mine are on the north of the house and bloom later. Some plum trees and a few very early apple trees are blooming and the Globe Willows and Weeping Willows are turning green. Here is a photo I took of the Weeping Willows and the pond just down the road from me.

The native trees and bushes know better than leafing out early, but some of the introduced ones start blooming and leafing early. A few years ago we had a bad late freeze that killed most of the Globe Willows and they have had to be replanted and are getting some size now.

Mandy and I went for a picnic today at the Five Points Rapids picnic grounds west of Canon City in the Long Horn Sheep Canyon on the Arkansas River. The trees and plants at that altitude are still pretty much in winter mode even though it was a lovely blue sky day. Mandy picked up lots of pretty river pebbles and I enjoyed watching a Dipper bird skimming just over the water and dipping and singing on the rocks in the edge ripples. They are very plain looking black birds who sound beautiful and are fun to watch. They even dive under the water and appear to be swimming to find whatever is down there that they eat. I saw one years ago, above Boulder, that would fly into the water above the waterfall and float to the bottom, then fly up and start all over again. I'm not sure if he/she was finding food or just playing.


Rian said...

Nice job, Mandy! Looks like you two are having a fine time together. How lovely.

Barbara C said...

Mandy is doing a great job. I hope she takes up your offer of embroidery lessons, because her block is very nice. It sounds like you're having a wonderful visit.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Terrific work there, Mandy and Fran both!
What a lovely spring break, for both of you....

Micki said...

I am so glad that you are good health and are able to enjoy this time with Mandy. The picnic sounds wonderful.

Kay said...

That's a terrific crazy block for a first time. And look at the blue sky! Glad you're doing well, Fran.