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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome to Cold, Sunny, White Toad Haven

Here is how the heavy snow that fell last night looked this morning with a deep blue sky and sun.
It is hard to believe that this herb garden ever looked like this, and hopefully, will look like this again in a few months.

Check out Claudia's herbal blog. I was excited to find out that Claudia had chosen to use my herb garden photo in her banner.
January is that cold, dark month when gardeners scan catalogs and gardening how-to books and do lots of dreaming and planning for the coming Spring. The days are growing incrementally longer!!! I can see it best in the "Old Farmer's Almanac" sunrise and sunset tables so far, but it is happening!
"If Winter come, can Spring be far behind?"


Debra Dixon said...

Yes, nature knows what to do without our help!

Rian said...

It's absolutely glorious! I love my home, but truth be known, I pine to live in a four-season snow region.

Kim said...

I love the contrast of those two images. We had a few days of snow - now it's just back to the normal wet drippy stuff!

allie aller said...

Fran, I had no idea your garden had come along this far so fast.
It is spectacular!!!