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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Same Sunset, Different Eye

Those of you who enjoyed my sunset photos need to check out my brother's photos of the same sunset. We both needed the refreshment that those colors gave us.

Our replacement monitor has arrived and it is wonderful to be able to see the writing on the screen again, however, this is one of those new long, narrow rectangular ones they are making now. It may be fine for watching wide screen movies, but it distorts my photographs, and I'm not pleased. Are any of you having that problem? If so, have you figured out how to adjust it so people don't look wider than they are tall? (Would I exaggerate?)

I also received my locker hooking book and my free motion quilting foot for my Bernina, but I haven't had a chance to try using either. I spent this cold, snowy day setting up a filing system in one of our file cabinets for Mom's and Dad's records, while looking for addresses and phone numbers for insurance companies, etc. that need to be notified of Dad's death. Yesterday I was in Fowler getting papers out of a safety deposit box and picking up more clothes and other items for Mom, and we will go again tomorrow, if the snow clears up. I had no concept of how much there is to do after the loss of a loved one. I am glad to be able to report that Mom is settling in well at her new place, and even wants us to bring her sewing machine and some material so she can do some sewing. At this point do you suppose I could interest her in quilt making?

I can't seem to shake off this awful virus and am still coughing and hacking and dragging. I sure would like to be able to soak in the sun for a while, but winter is definitely upon us. Very soon the days will begin getting longer; Hooray for the Winter Solstice! I may build a bonfire and jump over it like they did in the old days in Britain. Or I may just wrap some rope lights on the porch rail and set up the teepee shaped light assemblage that I found at the store for my front yard, since we don't have any evergreens in the garden. "If winter comes can Spring be far behind?"
I love my neighbor's idea of the perfect Christmas tree, although I imagine it looks strange this evening in the snow.


floribunda said...

all of the sunset photos are just lovely! I bought a new monitor recently, too -- the sales clerk tried very hard to sell me a "wide-screen" version and that was pretty much all they had in the store. I ended up buying a regular one online instead. I think there must be some adjustment for photos... maybe the manufacturer's website could help?

McIrish Annie said...

Fran, you sound better and I am happy for that! Let us know how you like that locker hooking. It has caught my eye!

Kay said...

Hang in there with all the sad work you have to do. As for the monitor--if it works like our new TV there are various formatting choices. Is there some sort of menu of preferences you can find to adjust? I would take floribunda's advice and check the website or ask through the place you bought it.

Norma said...

I so sorry for your loss. I know this has been a long struggle.

Deb Sews Quilts said...

I am behind of reading blogs so I just found out about your Dad. I am so sorry that you lost him! My prayers today will be for you and your family!