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Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Snow

After 2 days of warm, windy weather, I woke up in the middle of the night to the unfamiliar sound of rain on the roof. By the time I got up it had turned to snow and left a light dusting on roofs, porch chair cushions, and a bit that didn't melt on the ground. It continued to sprinkle off and on today and by evening most of the snow had melted. The temperature never got above 37 degrees all day.

When I went out to bring my potted Euphorbias and giant Aloe Vera, from my desert garden, into the sun porch, I noticed that a portion of the mutiple trunked Mulberry tree in the far corner of the mini prairie had been blown down and was laying over the chain link fence. I called Joe to check it with me and we discovered that it was too heavy to lift so it will be there until he can saw it up and remove it. I hope we will be able to get the fence straightened out again. This tree is a big favorite with the birds when it is leafed out.

Some of the Euphorbias and the blooming Aloe outside earlier in the Fall.

See my orange pumpkin where it grew beyond the rhubarb patch. I suppose I need to move it to the front porch for Halloween.

The Euphorbias and Aloe crowded into the sun porch.

I am such an outdoor person that I am never happy to see the really cold weather and snow arrive. I think of snow as a 4 letter word. Of course, I want it to snow in the mountains for the snowpack for next years river water, not to mention for the ski slopes, but I'd just as soon not have to deal with it where I live. I shouldn't complain, we really have mild winters and even when it is below freezing at night, we often have warm, sunny days and can still enjoy being out doors. And we did really need the moisture; there have been a rash of wildfires in the area in the past few weeks with the warm weather, high winds, and low humidity.

I love the color of my neighbor's maple tree on this cold, cloudy day.


allie aller said...

Well, I sure hope the Rockies don't have to play in the snow.
I can't believe I'm going to miss 3 games while at the quilt show in Houston.
Fran, I am nervous about those Red Sox, the way they creamed the Indians. Hope the Rockies didn't have too long of a break!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Snow! Say it ain't so!!

laura west kong said...

You always take such charming photos!