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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Broderie Perse

As you can see I got that messy cutting table cleaned off and now have a new project going there; my October 12 x12. After working on this I have a greater appreciation of what Debra S. has been doing with the flower Broderie Perse that she has been doing on her Tree of Life. Debra, what kind of scissors did you use? These leaves have a lot of little zig zags that have to trimmed in and out, and I have discovered that I need a pair of sharper, more precise scissors to do this with.

I worked on cutting this out while watching the Rockies win their third playoff game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Luckily it was not a close, bite your fingernails, kind of game. The cats all wanted to get on my lap, which is whatever happens when I sit in my recliner, trying to do anything. Precision scissor work does not mix with cats in laps. Tigger is currently sleeping on the dest next to my left arm, ocassionally he moves and hits the keys on my adding machine. It's especially funny when he lays on the feed key and the tape keeps rolling out. As long as he doesn't try to walk on the computer keyboard I can deal with it.

While it poured rain during the game in Denver, we only got cool, cloudy, windy weather here. We could sure appreciate some rain, there was a forest fire at Rye in the Wet Mountains near us because after all the spring and summer moisture there hasn't been any rain for over a month; along with the hot weather and heavy winds everything dries out and we are in high fire alert again.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Go Rockies!
Fran, I've cut out alot of flowers in my time, and your Fiskars there would be fine...if they were new! You need extra sharp blades more than you need teeny tiny ones.
Treat yourself...get a pair of new scissors for this project!

Jane Ann said...

Fran, I love the project, but I'm too distracted by your clean cutting board and the cheese box and pencil cup. I love old boxes and Staffordshire china. In fact, you have a lot of things in your house that sing to me. Wanna go antiqueing/junking together? Nah. We'd probably end up pulling hair over the same items!

Debra Spincic said...

My problem with the broderie perse was the handle of the scissors rubbing on my fingers. I have some new small ones like your Fiskars. Just recently I bought some snipper styled scissors (w/out a finger handle) but have not tried them yet. It is tedious work and then you have to sew the flowers down--lots of back & forth zipzag. Good Luck!