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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Baby Boy is Here!

Would you believe the little guy didn't arrive until 8:00 a.m. this morning (Tuesday). Lindsay and company were exhausted and managed to get a little sleep today. Little one had low oxygen levels and went immediately into an oxygen tent on his crib so Lindsay wasn't able to hold him longer than a moment and hadn't yet gotten to feed him by 3:00 this afternoon. However, they said he had started sucking his fist and they seemed to think that was a good sign. My daughter hopes to be able to get some photos sent to me as soon as she can. She is a proud grandmother. Can't wait to see the little guy this weekend. This is the only photo of the baby that I can share so far.

Had great news from the Cardiologist today, after another echo cardiogram confirmed that my
problems are not caused by my heart and that I have no serious problem with my heart. There is a murmur, that I've had all my life, caused by a slightly abnormal aortic valve that is wearing faster than than normal, but it is nothing to worry about. He explained to me that Diabetics have a problem with water retention and in addition, 3 of my meds can cause water retention. These were made worse by my high altitude camping trip and the extremely hot weather this summer. I guess my family doc and I will have to discuss whether there are other meds that would do the job without this side effect.

I was fascinated to find out that the Cardiologist had Sarcoid 27 years ago and was one of the lucky ones that got over it. He was able to give me more info about the effects of Sarcoid and says that the increased arthritic pain I have been experiencing could be caused by the Sarcoid. He said that it can have such diverse effects to all parts of the body that it is depressing to research it. I had discovered this in my searches online and so will continue to have hope that I am one of the fortunate 50% who gets over it. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes.

Had a beautiful drive to and from Pueblo and ate at a yummy cafe in the Historic Union Avenue section of the City near the Stitcher's Garden quilt shop where I bought flannel to back the baby's quilt. Got lots of photos of nature and some of my garden early this morning that I will be sharing soon.
A pumpkin blossom waiting for a bee.


ruth said...

Congratulations on your new great-grandson! Glad to hear that he arrived safely, and that your own tests went well.

jenclair said...

Hope to see the pictures of your latest great-grandchild before long.

Also glad to hear that the problem is not with your heart and that new meds may be beneficial.

What a lovely pumpkin blossom!

Rian said...

Congratulations, and keep those positive thoughts flowing. I could feel an uplifting-ness in your post and that is a very, very good thing, my friend. I hold you in my prayers and dear in my heart.