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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

WOTB Beggar's Block

Here is my block for the Syrophoenician Woman. This one was just pieced and is not a precise as the PP'd ones.

The Syrophoenician Woman came to Jesus and begged for healing for her daughter who was demon possessed and suffering greatly. Jesus asked her if he should feed the children's (Jews) food to the dogs (gentiles) and his apostles tried to shoo her away. She persevered and kept pleading; replying that the dogs were allowed to eat the crumbs that fell off the table onto the floor. Jesus then told her that because of her great faith her daughter was healed. Her story can be found in Matthew 15 and Mark 7.

I chose the orange to represent the woman demanding Jesus' attention and healing for her daughter. The blue represents her trust and confidence in Jesus. The gold is always the presence of God which never fails, no matter what the situation.

I'm not getting much quiltmaking done and am having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Would you believe, I tripped on the two steps up from the sunporch into the house and fell down again. I managed to mangle two of my potted herb plants in the process and rebruised my right knee, bruised my left thigh and knee and wrenched my back. With major effort and pain I did manage to get back up and toddle to the recliner and I'm stiff and sore today. I think this is a definite sign that I need to get back to Curves to exercise three times a day. When I was going regularly and taking off weight my balance was a lot better. first goal for the coming year is to exercise at Curves three times a week and shed a minimum of 6 pounds a month until I reach the weight that my doctor recommends for me. This ought to resolve the falling problem plus improve my general health and condition.


Scrapmaker said...

So sorry your injured yourself. Take time to heal before you push yourself on a new exercise program. Come on over to the Quilter's Lounge in Jan., we will be encouraging weight loss. Jen

Debra Spincic said...

Jen beat me to it! but I want to invite you to join us at Quilter's Lounge too. We will be setting goals and having Sunday Weigh-ins to keep us motivated.

I hate falling!

Susan C. said...

Fran, I just spent about an hour reading your blog and looking at the photos. I'm so glad you posted a comment in my blog, so that I found this site. It's wonderful. I love the Women of the Bible blocks. Sorry to hear of your health problems. I can surely empathize with you. But we gotta keep going, girl. I think if I didn't have my quilting and fabric art, I'd just go to bed. God knew what he was doing when he gave me a fabric addiction, I guess. Hope you don't mind, I linked your blog to mind so that I can come here whenever I like. Thanks, Fran, and have a great day.

Susan said...

I love this block, and that you are doing the women of the Bible. Awesome! I'm so sorry you hurt yourself, but definitely in support of your Curves plan. I plan to go once we get to central Texas, about mid-January. There isn't one here. We're in the middle of nowhere, AZ! =)