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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Thank Our Troops this Holiday Season

Remember my neighbor, Crystal, who was injured by schrapnel in Iraq early this year, so I made her a flag quilt with the logo of her Engineers batallion as a token of my appreciation. Now we can send thank you e-mails to military personnel on this Thank the Troops site. Thanks to Teri and Debra for this link.

Update on Crystal's condition. She is now sporting a bandage over most of her head, as she recuperates from surgery to repair the damage to her ear drums. They waited to do this surgery until she had healed from the schrapnel injuries and strengthened her body with physical therapy. Hope when she heals that she will have her hearing back. It's ironic that she lost her hearing from the concussion of this explosion; her older sister was born deaf and the family all converse with her in sign language.

We owe so much to these military men and women who are protecting our freedom from those who despise us and our freedom.

A side note: I just read that 1000 survivors are signed up to attend the Pearl Harbor 65th Anniversary Reunion this week in Honolulu.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Thank you for your update on Crystal. My 20yo daughter just finishes up her training at Ft. Bragg next week. I'm one nervous Mama!

I'll go to your recommended site for sure.

Allison said...

That quilt is so terrific...and I will pray for Crystal! What a fine young woman. Thanks for posting this.

Deborah said...

Terrific quilt.How wonderful of you to think of her.

My father was stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 6, 1941 in the barracks that were bombed. Unfortunately, he died nearly 30 years ago, never was able to attend a reunion.

Vicki said...

Debra S. just wrote me to tell me that the quilt that I just finished
might be appropriate as a QOV for Crystal. If you think she would like it, I would be honored to send it to her. My email is