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Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's Blooming

I can't ever seem to remember to post "what's blooming" on the 15th. Here's what's blooming at Toad Haven in SE Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts on the north side (front) of the house; this clump has gotten huge.

I finally planted a Blaze Climbing Rose in the middle of the front fence; I've wanted one since we moved her 6 years ago and couldn't resist this one at Home Depot with so many blooms.

Basket of Gold Allysum and wild Blue Flax in the Liliaputian Prairie border.

The first bloom on the Austrian Copper Rose this spring. The ashes of my beloved cat, Yul Brynner, the King of Siam, are buried under this bush. It does him justice each spring.

A volunteer Bachelor's Button (Cornflower) at the driveway edge of the Prairie border. I've loved this flower since a child and I also love most volunteers, although some become pests.

These Chives bloom in the Prairie border instead of the Herb Garden because they came in the same pots as some of the other perennials from my previous rooftop garden and got planted here before the Herb Garden was designed or constructed. I should move one of the clumps into the Herb Garden.

A tiny pot of Ice Plants was planted on the edge of the Prairie Border several years ago and have spread into a large mat. They bloom in the mornings and close up later in the day. A great plant in a dry climate garden.

One of the old fashioned Iris that were along the front fence when we moved in. It took 2 years of nurturing to get them to start blooming after being neglected for so long.

Creeping Phlox at the base of the front porch, with a Chinese Elm seedling (the bane of my existence) and some unknown vine that transplanted itself here by putting roots into the soil where it trailed out of a pot.

One of the many volunteer Violets that have begun to travel all around the front porch from the seeds of one transplanted clump a few years ago. This is another variety of volunteers that I love.

How I enjoy the new blossoms of spring after the dark and dreary winter! I still think I was designed to hibernate in a very luxurious fur lined cave during the cold, dark time.


Deborah said...

So pretty! I love spring. We used to call creeping phlox "thrift" - it was all over my aunt's yard.

paula, the quilter said...

Is the Chinese Elm the thing in front? I have those come up all over. Must be the birds, huh?

Deb Geyer said...

You have a lot of blooms this time of year! I love the bleeding hearts. Is the ice plant similar to Moss Rose? I'm surprised that it survives the harsh winters there.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love all the flowers.

Lancashire rose said...

I am familiar with lots of those flowers although they are done flowering here. My flax is flowering although I wish it was a small as yours. It gets very lanky here. I love your bleeding heart. Such pretty flowers.