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Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Brother's New Photo Website

For those of you who have enjoyed seeing my brother, Steve's, nature photography, you'll enjoy his new website; the music he has chosen to back up his photos is lovely and prints of his photos are available for purchase.

Here is a recent sample of his work, taken this fall on the east side of the Sangre de Christos. This is all that remains of the historic cabin of a friend's family, which was built on one of the original Spanish land grants, before this was a part of the United States. The land south of the Arkansas River did not become part of the U. S. until after 1846, long after the Louisiana purchase brought in the land north of the river. Steve is working on collecting photos and history of early Colorado settlers for a book.

JPG Magazine, where Steve had his photos displayed online, has announced that they are going out of business, but a campaign has been started by fans to try to save it.
Photo copyright: Steve Metzner

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Deb said...

Really beautiful photos, Fran.