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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TQS Legend of the Year 2008

I just saw The Quilt Show webcast of their Legend of the Year Jinny Beyer and am overwhelmed!

Her gorgeous home, her gardens, her shop, her quilting history, and most of all her color theory are something that every quilter should see for both the visual impact and the educational impact! Her short demonstration on the use of color in quilts is invaluable. This is a show that I will watch over and over to let it soak in deeply.

I have been a member of Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms' webcast from day one and it has been very helpful to me; especially since I haven't felt like going out to quiltshows or workshops much in the past year. Here in my home I've been able to learn from some of the top quilters when it is convenient for me.

If you are a member, you need to watch this webcast. If you are not, it is worth your time and subscription price, just to see this one show.*

[*I really am not receiving any compensation for this endorsement; and no animals were endangered in the creating of this blog post.]

1 comment:

Allison Ann Aller said...

I was able to take a class with Ginny Beyer once and will always treasure the memory.
My favorite part was her lecture on the process she goes through to design her fabrics. Priceless!

Happy New Year, dear Granny Fran!