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Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

The early color of the sunset from the Village Inn Parking Lot in Canon City. This is Fremont Peak; can you see the sleeping indian that the early settlers saw in the shape of this mountain?

We are taking off for the campground first thing in the morning and will meet son, Greg with Mandy and Evan, and son, Doug, with Jennie, there. I am so excited to get to go camping, even tho I've had to trade my tent for a camper. The pillowcases are all made, and half of the curtains are ready to hang (we'll have to do that at the campground, tomorrow, since we ran out of time today); I have enough to cover the windows flat, without any gathers, those will wait for the other half of the curtains to be finished. At least we will have privacy and color, instead of the hodge podge in there now. I've ended up having to buy bits of fabric here and there, where I could still find it available. I didn't remember at the beginning that I needed to do two lengths for each window and when I needed more fabric, the original quilt shop was out. I finally got all the fabric at three different places online and locally.

In the few minutes it took to drive to the top of the hill, east of Canon City on US Highway 50,
the color became this brilliant.

These are some photos I've taken in the last few days, ending with a spectacular sunset this evening as we drove home from Canon City, after shopping for groceries and supplies, and having skillet dinners at the Village Inn.

This is the reflection of the sunset on a thunderhead East of Canon City.

The herd of llamas [just some of our "native" fauna] on Department of Corrections land [state and federal prisons are the biggest employers in Fremont County, around 10 state prisons, and a Federal 4 prison complex; including the Administrative Max Prison that holds the worst of the worst, such as the original World Trade Center bombers, the Unabomber, Gotti, and the Oklahoma CityFederal Building bombers, until one was taken elsewhere for his execution. I can see the lights of this complex from my kitchen window, about a mile away to the south], north of Florence. Note the green grass, the first we've seen all spring and summer. Up till the 5th of August this all looked like dead straw. Hooray for the Monsoons!

Here is more green prairie off to the Wet Mountains in the South. That dark greenery, down in the Arkansas River Valley, is Florence. See how we snuggle down between the bluffs. The deciduous trees of the prairie grow only in the river and creek valleys. Those dirt mounds are prairie dog holes. I could hear them barking alarms while I took the photos, but couldn't get any pictures of them.

I was happily surprised that I had walked over 5000 steps today, the most I've been able to do since the first mini stroke in July. That could explain why I am so tired and need to get to bed so I can get up early in the morning.

Hope you all have great weekends!


Kim said...

Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Thanks for the view into your wonderful part of the world, Fran.
Have a wonderful time in with the family in that cozy camper...

Sande said...

Fall camping sounds great! Glad to hear you're feeling better and walking more. It ought to count double in the 'hills' of Colorado! This from a Michigan flatlander...

laura west kong said...

Hope you enjoy your camping trip. You always take such beautiful photos!