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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Summer!

These are a few of my favorite things seen on the first day of Summer:

Rafters enjoying the second crest of mountain snow runoff in the Arkansas River at Centennial Park, Canon City. It is painful to see all this water flowing througoh while the prairies around here are so dry and we keep hearing about wildfires. At least the farmers will have irrigation water in their canals.

A Thunderhead over the Mesa and the Wet Mountains. We get these big clouds to the South, over the Wet Mountains, and to the North, over Pikes Peak, but here in the donut hole we aren't getting any rain from them.

My favorite kind of weedeaters on a field close to the Arkansas River. I'd prefer weedeaters like this in place of my small electric one or Joe's big gasoline one.

Enjoying the water and shade on the Arkansas Riverwalk.

A bee collecting nectar from a Milkweed blossom in an irrigation ditch bank garden. I always think these look like they were blown from glass. I'm so thrilled, for 3 years I've had a volunteer Milkweed come up in the Toad Haven Prairie, and this year it is are going to bloom!

What's happenin' at my beloved Toad Haven:

The Lilliputian Prairie with raised veggie garden beds seen behind the Catalpa tree in the top right.

Single Coreopsis, I also have doubles but the miniature ones with lacy leaves didn't make it through the Winter.

Stella d' Oro Daylilies.

Jupiter's Beard is beginning to bloom; I need to get more of these. It appears that my garden is running to gold and I need more blues, reds, and whites. The wild blue Flax is blooming, but only in the morning so I didn't get a photo (except for that trace behind the pink flower at upper right. The blue Veronicas and pink Echineas haven't bloomed yet. There is Baby's Breath in bloom but it doesn't photograph well.

Mexican Hats are a native prairie flower that I love.

In the same bed with this Catmint, the Mexican Hats, and Jupiter's Beard, I also have Russian Sage but it will bloom later.

Hope you are having a beautiful Summer wherever you are.

[I sure would like to be able to have this show up as I so carefully arrange it, instead of having it rearrange itself.]


Rian said...

I like those weed eaters!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Everything is looking so good...what an inviting "little prairie" you have...

paula, the quilter said...

ALL of my Russian Sage reseeded as it is quite happy in my xeriscape. I need to get out and pull up the volunteers which, frankly, breaks my heart. A person spends about $4 for a gallon size of this and I'm pulling it out. *sigh*