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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WIP Wednesday

Here is what I am working on today. I've got all but the last two borders on this Bargello for my oldest daughter. I guess I'm going to try to machine quilt it myself. I am fairly inexperienced with machine quilting and not very good but the only way I'll improve is by doing it. Darn! I admire good quilting so much that I wish I could do it better and enjoy doing it instead of feeling like I'm going to have a root canal.

I chose these fabric colors to resemble one of Monet's waterlily paintings since Michal is very fond of them. I enjoyed sewing the strips together even though it was slow and required precision; it seems almost like magic to me the way all the seams snuggle up to each other when pinned and sewn. It's so satisfying after pressing the seams to see how all the corners match and make the design. The narrowest strips are only one quarter inch wide when sewn.

I've always enjoyed doing needlepoint bargello also. It's a pattern I like. I once considered stitching bargello upholstery for a wing back chair but luckily my sanity came back before I attempted it. A homemaker with cats should not put so much effort into her upholstery.

I'm also doing a lot of ruminating on what I want to put together for the November Journal Quilt. I'd like to figure out an attractive way to use some bits and pieces I like but wasn't able to use in previous JQs.

I'm also incubating the idea for a series of four quilts, based on the seasons, using the nature photos I've been taking printed on cotton, similar to the September JQ, Granny's Flower Garden,
only larger. This will take over a year to complete because I want to use seasonal photographs, many of which I have yet to take. I have a good size collection of Autumn photos and it is all I can do to forget everything else and jump into this, but I have promises to keep.

I'm taking a class on making a floral embellishment tomorrow at the Creative Cloth Closet in Canon City. I hope I'll have a nice creation to share when I get finished. The sample in the shop really caught my eye.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Floral embellishment, oh yum! I love your bargello, I've not attempted one of those yet, and your color choices are terrific.

Scrapmaker said...

Beautiful bargello, your daughter will love it. Of course I love the colors, Monet is one of my favorite artists.
Your seasonal quilt will be wonderful, you have some dynamite photos to work with already.
Love the look of your new blog. Is that your view? I'm still trying to figure out all that blog stuff myself. Jen

Fruit Jar Nicky said...

Happy WIP Wednesday!

The colors for daughter's bargello are glorious. WTG!

Debra Spincic said...

Very pretty bargello! Is it for Christmas--if not, it should be!

Love your new banner--see, you are techie!

Rian said...

You can do it! Just practice a little on a scrap first to loosen up, and go for it. Lovely bargello.

I like your seasonal idea. I think it's perfect. I would like to do a series like that.

Jeri said...

The bargello is gorgeous, and I like the leaf photo too.

I am so sorry about your blog catastrophe. I wondered where you were the other day. :)

Deb H said...

Wow Fran, not only are your quilts & WIP wonderful, I like the new look to your blog. It's very nice.

Deb Geyer said...

The bargello is gorgeous!

Send it to me, I'd love to quilt it!

East of Oregon said...

really nice blog!

Jane Ann said...

Fran, you're such a gifted photog that the seasons piece(s) will be wonderful. Don't cool off on that idea. I can't wait to see what you do.