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Saturday, January 27, 2007

WOTB Week 50

Here is my WOTB block for week 50. Dorcas was an early Christian who sewed clothing for the poor widows in her city. Because it was a fishing community there were evidently many widows who had lost their husbands to the sea. When Dorcas died, the Apostle Peter raised her back to life.

For Dorcas' Charity Wheel Block I chose the colors red and green to go with the Heart and Hand theme that my study group thought fitted her works for the Lord. The red represents her love and energy and the green for her practical, generous spirit. It doesn't show that well in the photo but the greens are mottled with red. The gold stands for the love of God that surrounded her and her sewing ministry.

I paper pieced the rays and fused and machine appliqued the circles with zigzag gold thread.

Dorcas and Lydia seem to go together in my mind in that both worked in the fabric arts. It seems proper that we learn of them and emulate
them. You can read the story of Dorcas in Acts

When I started paper piecing the ring pattern for the rays I quickly realized that it wasn't going to work when I got to the last piece. I realized that I had to cut the pattern between the first and last pieces and do a regular seam to make the complete circle. It worked well but looked rather strange during the process so I decided to show you what the process looked like.


Deb Hardman said...

Very nice Fran. Your points & circle are so well done. I try, but have trouble getting things that perfect, even with paper piecing. That's why I like to free form everything. It's much easier.

I guess I'll have to do a tutorial for the snowflakes if you're really interested.

Suze said...

I really like how your Dorcas block turned out...those fabrics are so pretty. And its definately interesting to see the construction too!

My granny belonged to a Dorcas group - she was a Seventh Day Adventist and most of the churches have a Dorcas group that would provide clothing and food for the poor. Her group met every Monday and did quilting too in her house -they had several ladies sewing 4 patch or 9 patch blocks, several cutting patches, several putting rows together and when there was enough for a quilt they would push the furniture to the edges of her living room and tie the quilts. They gave away hundreds of quilts... Too bad I was not into quilting while she was still around.

Maria said...

Your block is really beautiful. I love the colors and fabrics you use for all your blocks.

Anonymous said...

I can only echo Maria: beautiful block from beautiful fabrics.

Sandra said...

Very interesting process shots. The finished piece is beautiful. As is the one for Mary Magedalene. I enjoyed your write-up about her.